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10 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

1.Talk to Us.

Not in the chatty Cathy kind of way.  We don't want to have full on conversations during your time but please let us know what your goals are.  If you have an injury.  If something feels good or if the pressure is too much.  Don't lay on the table and expect us to read your mind.  Also, let us know if there is an area of the body you don't want us to work on. 

2. Take Your Clothes Off.

Take as much of your clothing off as you feel comfortable but just know that if you want your back massaged and you come in with a sports bra, there is a good chance we are not going to be able to give your back the attention it needs.  Same goes for shorts or underwear.  If you come in and want your glutes worked on, it will be very hard to make that happen if your entire booty is covered.  Your therapist will be able to drape you so that nothing is exposed and you maximize the area to be massaged.

3. This Includes Your Jewelry.

This means your watch, your necklace, your bracelets and your earrings.  You will have a much better experience if there is nothing hindering the massage.  There is nothing worse that having your neck worked on, only to have the therapist try and maneuver around the tiny chain clinging to your skin.  Best rule of thumb...leave it all at home (even the wedding ring!)  

4. Turn Your Phone OFF!

Vibrate is not the same a OFF.  Nothing will break the spell you are under like hearing a phone vibrating in your bag.  It is jarring a tiny piece of you comes out of the bliss your are feeling and starts to wonder/worry about who is trying to contact you.  Give yourself the gift of 60 (or 90) minutes of uninterrupted relaxation.  You deserve it!

5. Try a Pumice Stone.

Take a peek at your feet.  If you could cut bread with the calluses on your heels, don't expect your therapist to massage them.  Pick up a pumice stone at the local pharmacy and keep it in your shower.  Give your feet a little love when you cleanse.  Same goes for placing those toes up in the table when they have been suffocating in socks and shoes all day and there are balls of fuzz in between those piggies.  

6. Take a Hot Shower.

This is part two of the previous bullet point.  Hop in the shower before coming in for your massage.  Better yet...take a bath if that is accessible to you.  First, it relaxes your muscles.  It allows your body and mind to prepare for the healing that is about to happen.  It also allows you to get the daily dirt off and feel fresh for your appointment.  (As well as clean out in between your toes.

*We do understand that many people come in for a massage after work and don't have the opportunity to clean up before a massage.  All we are asking is that you take notice of what your are asking your therapist to put their hands on.  

7. Shaving Isn't Necessary.

Sure,  it is nice to massage a freshly shaved leg.  But your prickles don't bother us.  Don't worry about trying to be hairless before coming in for your massage.

8. Tip Accordingly.

Massaging is a very emotional and labor intensive job.  There is a ton of energy transference and physical work that happens during a massage.  Most therapists in a spa setting earn less that $20 an hour and only get paid if there is a massage booked.  There are often times during an 8 hour shift where a therapist might only massage three clients.  In clinical settings (chiropractic or doctors offices) therapists are paid a little higher ($30 and hour) but are very rarely tipped.  In short, be aware of what you are tipping your therapist.  

9. Repeat!

Your body is going to get the best benefits if you are consistent with your massages.  There are many folks who only get bodywork as a "treat".  For an anniversary or on vacation.  Massage, along with other types of bodywork, is very healing and necessary for maintaining a healthy and happy body.  Try not to think of massage as a once in a while special occasion, but as a lifestyle requirement.  Think of massage like working out.  You need to be consistent.

10. Falling Asleep is OK!

By all means.  Pass out.  It is okay by us!  (And snoring is totally allowed).

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