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Over 20 years ago, a friend invited me to a Bikram yoga class in Berkeley, CA.  As a former college athlete - I feel in love with the physicality of the practice.  A hot room in what felt like a competitive environment, was a short jump from the basketball court.

After putting my body through the rigors of Bikram and a hot yoga practice I moved through years of exploring a self-practice that felt more accommodating and inclusive.  Studying with teachers of various lineages, I landed serendipitously into the fluid arms of Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea.

After studying with Shiva for 300+ hours, I began my own teaching journey in Arizona.  My personal practice was more fluid and conscious of the breath and that became the root of my movement.  Still in search of something more, I continued to study the art of hands on enhancements and Thai massage.

I spent over 100 hours studying with Janet Stone and Mary Dana Abbott, who both specialize in hands on enhancements in the yoga practice.  I found my passion in assisting prominent teachers in the Bay Area.  And while I loved to lead a yoga class, I found true connection in loving touch.

Following in the footsteps of my mom and sister, I decided to dive into studying massage therapy in 2016.  Specializing in Integrative Bodywork - I offer a combination of different modalities.  In any given session, clients may experience deep tissue massage, cupping, fascial release, hot stones and other various techniques to maximize healing.  Each session is customized to support that individual's specific needs. Ultimately, the body is capable of amazing things and my goal is to guide each person on their journey in unvieling the natural intuition of their own healing potential.

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